Brittany Driver (Mississippi)

By on January 4, 2013

Name: Brittany Driver

School: Ole Miss – Hotty Toddy!!!

Sorority: Phi Mu

What has it been like to become very popular on the web through the music video, TFM, and #CTL?  You have your supporters and then there’s the other people.. But at the end of the day all that matters are the opinions of those who love you and know you best. It’s been mostly positive support, and I’m very thankful for that. Overall it’s been amazing!

Favorite drink? Well that depends on the ocassion. It would be “Brunello di Montalcino” an Italian red wine AND Bud Light Lime during Football season!

Single or in a Relationship? Relationship! nearly 5 years.

Ever had plastic surgery?  No way! ALL natural! And yes, those are natural too because a lot of people ask me. I do not support any type of plastic surgery unless for a health risk, I think God made you how you are for a reason.

Most embarrassing college story? That’s a tough one considering I embarrass myself way too often. But I guess falling on my face in front of my entire Business class

Advice for girls rushing? Whichever house you feel most at home in. Just be yourself because the girls you end up with are the ones who should love you for you! (Also, don’t get around before rush, because it will be held against you.)

Favorite vacation spot? My family had a house in Destin,Florida so I always love being there..But Atlantis in the Bahamas is my fav, it’s beautiful!

Pet peeve? People who secretly delight in others’ misery… and there’s a lot of those out there. And people who laugh obnoxiously loud in public.. I honestly want to slap them.

What is one thing no one knows about you that you would want them to know? I write songs to my guitar for fun. Ha

Favorite drunk food? Anything spicy with jalapenos!

What about your body are you most proud of? That I’m comfortable in it! Like every girl should be. Otherwise, my smile:)

Favorite thing about oxford? EVERYTHING! Good southern food, high-end shopping, and a great community relationship.

Favorite class you have taken?  Foundation of Terrorism. Very interesting..

Any advice for freshman? Don’t try too hard.

Plan for life after college? I would love to continue a career in modeling and acting. I used to sing as well, but academically I am a Journalism Broadcast major. I love politics and sports soo my dream job is to obtain a reporter position for a major broadcasting company such as FOX News.

Worst pick up line you have heard? “Are you from Tennessee because you’re the only ten I see…”?  I was also 15 by the way. wayy creepy.

Do you cook? Heck yeah I cook!! I’m from the South and my dad is Italian, so I love cooking homemade pizza and pastas..I also LOVE cooking desserts!

Why did you start doing pageants?  I love performing and fashion. Most people have a stereotypical idea of a pageant girl, but the Miss USA system which I compete in is more sexy and fun! and fashion-forward. The girls are all wonderful! And it’s not as rehearsed or fake. It also inspires motivation in my life.

Favorite cause to volunteer for? Youth against Bullying and Animal Cruelty -I really love kids, I also have a lot of compassion for animals.

Advice for someone that wants to get to know you?

Don’t talk about yourself constantly And I LOVE to laugh so don’t be a stick in the mud.

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