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  • Beer bong seriousness stlouis
    Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (College Edition)

    Ladies, it’s hard to be us. But if you follow these lady-like guidelines and take some advice from your guy friends, you might find a happy medium. Always remember the wise words of Ludacris, “You can't turn...

    • Posted April 17, 2012
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  • passedout2
    Sober Me vs Drunk Me

    Its safe to say we all have a sort of split personality that comes out of hibernation when we've had enough to drink. Someone who was once an upstanding, level-headed and slightly self-conscious person becomes a reckless,...

    • Posted December 13, 2011
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  • columbia
    Wifey Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year… WIFEY SEASON. Say what? Don’t act like you don’t already know what it is. It’s that special time of the year when it’s colder than the antarctic and rooftop...

    • Posted November 3, 2011
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  • friends
    The Official Friends With Benefits Handbook

    Let’s face it. We’re in college. No one wants to date anyone. Friends with benefits? Yes, please. But be cautious, because this can get treacherous.

    • Posted September 27, 2011
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  • single
    Guide to the Newly Single

    So you’re newly single. CONGRATULATIONS! Too soon? Okay okay, here are some tips to help you get it together after it all falls apart. 1.   Stop whatever you’re doing (probably staring at his profile pictures) and...

    • Posted August 1, 2011
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  • as good as a toilet
    A Realistic Girl’s Guide to Guys

    While men can be a great asset to have in your life, providing you with companionship, regular sex, and maybe the occasional meal, I’m here to tell you, this notion of an “ideal guy” is only going...

    • Posted July 17, 2011
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